New Album Project “Another Broken Promise”

After his first single release “Talk is Cheap” Smokin’ Ivories’ lead singer and songwriter James Christian Daniels is vigorously working on his new album, which is scheduled for release in the summer of 2020. The album will continue the tradition of sincere vocals and inspirational lyrics, that have the power to take us away on a sonic journey into the raw energy of passions and feelings that only real live events can trigger. The inspiring songs are a mix of Bruce Springsteen like tonalities and timbre mixed with the intense vocals which remind us of the late Joe Cocker. James’s artistic talent is apparent in his deep lyrics as well as his originality in all the technical aspects of song composition and mixing. If you want to be one of the first to listen to his new album when it is pre-released, don’t forget to subscribe below.

About “Smokin’ Ivories”

James is the singer & songwriter for the band “Smokin’ Ivories” and, as such, is dedicated to writing meaningful songs about the hard & beautiful times in life. After a long pause, James (Christian Daniels) re-invigorated his creative career in 2020, with his new song release “Talk is Cheap”. The song is available on Youtube, Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music and other popular streaming platforms.

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